Three Benefits of Reading the Bible

While the bible is more accessible to people than it was in the past, believers are less interested in reading it. The quick answer is that most people have forgotten the importance of daily bible devotion that was common with the earlier generation. Why is it important for me to study the Bible? Why should you start reading the bible more regularly? Let us look at some biblical reasons.

First, the bible helps you avoid and overcome temptations. When Jesus was in the wilderness and faced the devil’s temptation, He used the bible as His weapon. Mathew 4: 3-4 records that “The devil approached Jesus and told him to turn stones into bread if He was the Son of the Almighty. However, Jesus quoted the Bible saying that Man shall not rely on bread alone. Instead man depends on the Word of God. Jesus shows us that as believers, we should read the bible, understand it, and apply it when in temptation.

In these times when the events in the world are so confusing, believers need to read the bible more often. This is reiterated in Psalm 119: 105, which says that God’s word is a lamp for my feet, and it lightens my path. You may lose direction in life but God’s word will always give you the right answer.

When you are after the successes of this world, the bible is also there to help you. Joshua 1:8 records God telling Joshua that Bible should not depart from his mouth. Joshua is further instructed by God to meditate on the bible day and night. This way, Joshua will be able to follow the teachings in the bible and be prosperous. This is a clear message by God that if we read the bible and digest the message, we will experience good things.

Reading the bible should be a daily habit. If you have not been reading the bible, consider starting today. If you do not have the Bible, contact your nearby church or visit the local bookshop to get a copy.